Inquisitive, playfull, intense, sensual, empathic, wicked & dark.

For many years I have  undertaken my own personally journey deep into the underworld.  Through my own experience and continual research into the human psyche and sexuality, I am able to offer you a sane, safe, consensual  and sacred playground for your own exploration of sexual desires and conscious kink.

If you feel you are ready to explore those deep dark desires that haunt your dreams within a conscious space, then contact me and I will be happily guide you deep into your darkness.

Standing at 5”5 with a curvaceous figure, piercing blue eyes, long honey blonde hair and a wickedly creative mind, you will find yourself submitting to my seductive demands.

One of my desires is bondage (all forms) I adore transforming my toys into works of art….Mind play is also a great love of mine, I have a natural ability to get into a submissive’s head and play on their fantasies and fears (of course I respect all limits and play only in a safe sane and consensual way).

If you are just a naughty little boy or girl then I am only to happy to correct your ways with some good old fashioned over the knee spanking or if you are very naughty then a firm hard caning..

I also offer sessions in CBT, Corporal Punishment, Role Plays, Ritual BDSM, Golden Showers, Sensory Depravation, Breath Play, Anal/strap-on play, Forced Bi sessions, Slut training, Pet Play, Wax Play..

All sessions are negotiated before hand via phone or email, I cater for the experience and the novice and each session is unique.

Be warned although I do have a nuturing caring demeanour cross me and you will see how wickedly sadistic I can be….

I am open to discuss what I offer and love nothing more than a wickedly imagintive mind, after all the brain is the largest sex organ.

call between business hours 10am – 8pm Monday – Friday 07468 247181 to request an appointment. If unanswered leave a brief message with your name, enquiry and time to call, or email Katalinadelune@gmail.com